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Prashantha Chandrama Homestay is located 7kms away from Saklespur town amidst beautiful serene nature. Enroute to Kukke Subramanya and Mangalore, Our Homestay is a den surrounded by mystic beauty of Coffee estates, Paddy fields, Open Mountains, Grass lands, Hemavathi River and Backwaters. One of our country’s best Offroad events takes place in this region. One will wake up with a hot cuppa of Coffee with the melodious sounds of exotic birds and greenery.

Best known place for Offroaders, Trekkers, Ornithologists, nature lovers, for yoga and meditation and for people who wants to find peace amidst nature. You can have, daring Offroad drive alongside the stream, mountain,Coffee estates and grass lands. Trekkers can enjoy a Trek up to Munzerabad fort which is 4kms away from the Homestay. Nature lovers can take a stroll inside the Coffee estate treat your eyes with different species of trees, plants, creepers, watch exotic birds, Butterfly’s. Get lucky to have a glimpse of elephants, deer, wild boars, rabbit, peacocks, fox etc.

The Green Route, famously known as the trekker’s paradise, is a very well known railway line from Saklespur to Kukke Subramanya. The dense lush green forest along the journey is a treat to the eyes. It includes picturesque landscapes and rivulets. You may even spot many wild animals and birds along the line.

Come find solace amidst the serene beauty of nature. Get a taste of our Malnad cuisine .Enjoy the enthralled experience the Homestay and Nature provides to your soul. “Have a feel of it……You will enjoy the misty, breezy, cozy green environment that nature at Prashantha Chandrama Homestay provides you. You will love it…………….”



You can enjoy a stroll along the coffee and pepper plantation. The host or the field officers would be more than delighted to accompany you to help you learn how coffee and other spices are grown. This is indeed a delight if you are a photographer or a bird watcher for you may spot deers, peacocks and other exotic birds along your stroll.

Prashantha Chandrama is situated in such a central place, that you visit the near by places in a day’s time! That is… after you finish your breakfast and leave to see one of the near by place, you can be back to Prashantha Chandrama by evening to have fresh cuppa coffee!

  • Enjoy an Offroad drive*.
  • Enjoy river water swimming and lazying in it.
  • Catch a fish! Enjoy seasonal fishing.
  • Have a breathtaking offroad drive to a nearby view point where all four district mountains are visible.
  • Trek alongside the green route* on the railway track.
  • Trek from the Homestay to the Munzerabad fort.
  • Take a stroll along side the coffee and pepper plantation.
  • Have a small picnic in the nearby view point.
  • Get yourself wet in the waterfalls.
  • Stretch your muscles for volleyball,throwball,cricket,shuttle badminton games.
  • Bring your brains to work for indoor games such as chess, carom board, Dart etc.
  • Merry around the Camp fire and Music.
  • Become an Ornithologist; watch some exotic birds in this region.
  • Meditation and yoga amidst nature.
  • Reading books with silence and peace.
  • Take time to learn about trees and plants
  • If you are spiritual, have a visit to the nearby temple.



Prashantha Chandrama Homestay, Offers you a good home that caters to the leisure and luxury. The Homestay is well furnished to enjoy your space and open your senses to the chirping birds.

The Homestay Offers a wide range of Accommodation.

There are 4 rooms in the villa which is cozy comfortable couple sharing and family sharing rooms with dressing room and attached bathroom, with spacious veranda.

The Pent house offers to accommodate 6 to 8 people sharing with attached bathroom and balcony.

The Homestay offers Tent stay if the guests wish to have with separate bathroom facility.


A total of 5 rooms and Tents which can accommodate 25 people for a comfort stay.

  • The Sheets are laundry dried and crisp. The guests are provided with cozy blankets.
  • Abundant 24 hour water supply and hot water facility during mornings.
  • Modern kitchen to cater to your needs. Veg and Non-veg Malnad food cooked separately in different kitchens.
  • Fresh farm picked vegetables are used for cooking.
  • Separate dinning and party area.
  • Camp fire and music.
  • Outdoor hut to enjoy your party.
  • Both indoor and outdoor games.
  • Western toiletries.

Places to Visit


Sakaleshwara Temple

Munzerabad Fort

Bisile View Point

Jenukallu Gudda

Hemavathi River

Agni Gudda

Gorur Dam & Back waters

Shettihalli church



Mallalli Falls

Kukke Subramanya

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